• Using Fiber Optics To Monitor & Secure Your Property

Fiber Instrument Sales, Inc. is pleased to introduce you to the latest in cutting-edge fiber optic security and monitoring technology. This website will introduce you to the basic concepts of fiber optics, as well as to the individual components that make up the Fiber Fence and Opti-Mag monitoring systems.

Fiber optics technology has many unique characteristics that make it especially well suited to security and other monitoring applications. Advantages include:

Immunity to EMI - Electromagnet Interference (EMI) is a common problem in factories and other industrial environments where machinery, lighting systems, and other sources of radio emissions can interfere with conventional monitoring systems. Our fiber optic sensors are 100% immune to the effects of EMI.

Safe for Non-Spark Environments - Our non-sparking fiber optic sensors do not use electricity at the sensing location, making them ideal for use in environments where volatile gasses or materials may be present.

Exceptional Monitoring Range - Our sensors do not require electricity beyond the Central Control Unit. That enables our sensors to be used in remote areas without the need for electricity at the sensing location.

Please take a few moments to explore our website to learn how Fiber Fence and Opti-Mag systems can meet your facility's security and monitoring needs.