Mouse Trip

Mouse Trip Sensor (PN: OMS-MT)

Mouse Trip Sensors are designed to be mounted to the fence line and operate with 9/125µm sensing fiber. When tripped, an internal plunger creates a loss of light which is recognized by the Zoning Control Unit and activates an alarm. Mouse Trip Sensors are water resistant, dust proof, UV protected, and are designed to withstand extreme temperature fluctuations for dependable performance during extended deployment in harsh weather environments. All Mouse Trip Sensors come equipped with a reset feature that allows for quick resetting using a special tool (included) without having to open the Unit. The Mouse Trip Sensor requires minimal maintenance throughout its service life, and once installed will provide many years of reliable protection.

View/Download Mouse Trip Specification Sheet

Zoning Control Unit

Zoning Control Unit

The Zoning Control Unit is the heart of both the Opti-Mag Sensor and the Fiber Fence Sensor Systems. Using a VCSEL or laser light source, the Control Unit sends light through the fiber optic cable to one or more Opti-Mag or Mouse Trip sensors to which it is connected. When one of those sensors detect an event, the amount of light sent back to the Control Unit is reduced, thus causing the Unit to trigger a relay switch that can provide any number of desired outcomes.

Multiple control units provide multiple zone location sensing. For example, the relay can be configured to sound an alarm to an automated telephone dialup system.

Zoning Control Units are available in two different light source models:

Model OMS-CMV (standard) Includes an 850NM VCSEL light source for standard (3km) transmission range applications.
Model OMS-CML (extended) Includes a 1310NM high-power laser for use in extended range applications (10km).

View/Download Zoning Control Unit Specification Sheet

Fiber Optic Cable

Opti-Mag and Fiber Fence sensor systems utilize either simplex or duplex 9/125 bend sensitive fiber cable with a UV protected jacket. Part number for the simplex fiber is OMS-SMPX and the part number for duplex fiber is OMS-DPX. CONSULT FACTORY FOR YOUR APPLICATION.

Fiber Optic Cable

Splice Protection Kit

Splice Protection (PN: OMS-SPK)

Splice Protection Kits are used to protect and to insure the integrity of the fiber cable fusion (or mechanical) splices created for system installation. (For procedural instructions, refer to Manual, available upon request)

Kit Contains:

a. 1 - 4" metal protection tube
b. 1 - 5" black shrink tube
c. 2 - 1" clear shrink tube
d. 1 - copper mounting bracket
e. 1 - splice sleeve for fusion splice

Optional Splice Enclosures

Optional Splice Enclosures (PN: OMS-ENCL)

The Splice Enclosure provides additional protection for interior/exterior fusion (or mechanical) splice locations, or at system perimeter gate locations. It is recommended that Splice Protection Kit (PN: OMS-SPK) be used in conjunction with this enclosure. (Refer to Manual for mounting instructions)

Rack and Power Supply

Optional Rack and Power Supply

Each Fiber Instrument Sales' 2RU rack (PN: OMS-RMS) safely and conveniently holds up to four Zoning Control Units. Control Units can be installed in the rack upon request. If three or less units are required, use blank (PN: OMS-BLNK) to cover the open slot.

Note: The single power supply included in the purchase of each Zoning Control Unit is capable of powering up to four (4) Control Units. Additional power supplies are available using PN: OMS-PWRS. (220 Vac - 9Vdc 2A power supplies are available upon request. PN: OMS-PWRS220)

Zip Tie

Zip Ties (PN: OMSDHZT)

Use double headed UV resistant zip ties to secure the sensing fiber to the fence.

(Refer to Manual for mounting instructions)