Fiber Fence

General Overview

The Fiber Fence Security System is used primarily for detecting intrusion into large perimeters, such as those areas around factories, water reservoirs, airports and similar secure locations. The Fiber Fence System can also be used to secure small areas containing machinery, hazardous waste containers, or similar containment areas.

When used in conjunction with the optional Fiber Fence Mapping System, the exact location of the disturbance can be reported.

Specific applications in which Fiber Fence systems have also been used include secure military facilities, nuclear power plants, storage yards, hazardous waste facilities, power utility substations and more.

In perimeter fence line applications, the System operates utilizing "Mouse Trip" devices mounted at regular intervals along the fence line. Fiber optic cable threaded through the "Mouse Trip" mechanism is attenuated when the fence is disturbed. This attenuation in the fiber is detected by the Zoning Control Unit, resulting in a system alert condition.

System range depends on the application, perimeter distance and type of Zoning Control Unit being used. Perimeter distances from 2k to 10k are typically achieved. Higher power Zoning Control Units for extended distances are available.

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Fiber Fence Systems MUST be installed by fiber optic technicians. Consult a local fiber optic contractor or confirm installation team possesses the ability to: splice fiber, connectorize fiber, hang fiber, test fiber and OTDR operation.

Buildings with Fiber Fence
The images above depict Fiber Fence Security installations. Installations use different configuration styles to meet the needs of particular customers.

Utilize Either a Zoning Control Unit or Mapping System for Perimeter Application

Perimeter Application