Optional Mapping System for Opti-Mag

Optional Mapping System (PN: OMS-MAP)

The optional 18dB range Mapping System utilizes Fiber Instrument Sales' unique software and an embedded OTDR technology allows for the monitoring of an unlimited number of security zones and the ability to identify the exact locations of triggered Mouse Trip or Opti-Mag Sensors.

The System's 4.5" integrated monitor graphically displays the triggered sensor locations on a photo or diagram of the facility. The Optional Mapping System replaces the standard Zoning Control Unit. The Mapping System's typical range is approximately 10km. Longer range systems are available. Any tripped Mouse Trip location will be shown on the monitor.

Identifying The Tripped Sensor Location Using the Mapping System

Mapping System
Unlike the "Zoning Control Unit," which gives acknowledgement that there is an intrusion or breach, the "Mapping System" will display on the monitor the actual location of the "tripped" sensor. Any tripped sensor location will be shown on the monitor.

In this diagram a mine corridor application with door locations 1, 2 and 3 in a series are shown. The tripped location at door #2 appears in red, indicating a possible intrusion or breach. "Door 2" has been activated.

NOTE: As many as 20 sensors may be connected in series when fusion splicing.

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